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Paragade-Renegon Interrupt by kurome-tenshi Paragade-Renegon Interrupt :iconkurome-tenshi:kurome-tenshi 27 12 Collab Meme with Rose by kurome-tenshi Collab Meme with Rose :iconkurome-tenshi:kurome-tenshi 0 14
You're Coming Home
You may be far away
But my love will follow you
And even though the nights are cold
I feel you warm beside me
Because despite the miles
I know you're coming home
I'll keep the fire burning
And the door wide open
Calling you back from your journey
Through snow and rain
I'll sing you on your way
And someday soon
I'll see you
Walking down the path to my door
Because despite the miles
I know you're coming home
:iconkurome-tenshi:kurome-tenshi 0 1
What's My Name cover by kurome-tenshi What's My Name cover :iconkurome-tenshi:kurome-tenshi 1 9 Geometric Values by kurome-tenshi Geometric Values :iconkurome-tenshi:kurome-tenshi 0 4 Dancing Lines by kurome-tenshi Dancing Lines :iconkurome-tenshi:kurome-tenshi 1 4 Sea Turtle Stencil by kurome-tenshi Sea Turtle Stencil :iconkurome-tenshi:kurome-tenshi 3 7
Nature's Treasure - Summer
A ruby jewel is hung
Against a blue satin cloth
Surrounded by a setting of emeralds
Beauty incomparable
And then the wind blows
Pushing the butterfly off course
As clouds drift across the sky
And the breeze sighs through the trees
The moment is lost
:iconkurome-tenshi:kurome-tenshi 0 0
The Cafe
It's quiet in the café. Soft music playing in the background – my guess is that it's the oldies station, but I'm not entirely sure. The volume is too low to pick out anything but the chords amongst the buzz of private conversations. Only four tables are occupied, and I'm at one of them, sipping at my tea and contemplating the scone that sits on my plate, basking in the smell of fresh coffee and pastries with the sun warm on my back.
Occasionally I'll glance around at the other patrons, highlighted as they are by the colorful beams that filter through the stained glass over the café's door. The couple sitting in the blue patch is a little older than I am; maybe mid thirties. They're relaxed, just enjoying each other's company while they drink their lattes. I'm guessing that they're waiting for some friends, because the table they picked is much too large for just the two of them.
Not far from the blue couple is the orange gentleman, his nose buried in the newspaper, steam
:iconkurome-tenshi:kurome-tenshi 1 3
Mature content
Silent Circus - Script :iconkurome-tenshi:kurome-tenshi 0 3
The Fiction
Katherine closed the book, tracing the lettering on the cover with one finger as she did so.  "Short Works of Unknown Horror," she muttered, reading the title under her fingertips.  Unknown was right.  She had never heard of a single author that had been featured in the book.  Then again, it was an old book, vintage at the very least.  Marc, Katherine's fiancé, had gotten it for her shortly after their engagement.
Sighing, she set it back on the shelf.  Something about that last piece had really stuck with her, though.  Maybe it was the old, dilapidated circus that was not even a mile from her home that made her relate to it.  Kate always walked a little faster when she went past it on her way to work.  Something about that place just sent chills down her spine.  Of course, that could have been the disgusting caricatures of clowns that still clung to the gate like a disease. 
:iconkurome-tenshi:kurome-tenshi 0 2
Nature's Treasure - Fall
Walking through a fairy land
Where tunnels formed of precious metal
Guide the way home
I'm fascinated by the golden pavement
That rustles softly beneath my feet
The neighbor children are gathering leaves
A heap of golds and coppers
Once finished, they leap
Suspended in the air
Before a puff of warm color engulfs them
:iconkurome-tenshi:kurome-tenshi 0 1
Nature's Treasure - Spring
Bright, fresh colors dot the canvas
As I survey the artist's work
The palette is full of green hues
And speckled with multitudes of jewel tones
I marvel at the variety
Inhaling, I breathe the fresh scent
Mowed grass and blooming flowers
Perched upon my balcony, I can only enjoy
The freedom of spring after winter
:iconkurome-tenshi:kurome-tenshi 0 0
The Dryer of Eternity by kurome-tenshi The Dryer of Eternity :iconkurome-tenshi:kurome-tenshi 0 1 Fake WIP by kurome-tenshi Fake WIP :iconkurome-tenshi:kurome-tenshi 1 4 Kaelen WIP by kurome-tenshi Kaelen WIP :iconkurome-tenshi:kurome-tenshi 2 7

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wookiestock:61 by wookiestock wookiestock:61 :iconwookiestock:wookiestock 30 3 wookiestock:136 by wookiestock wookiestock:136 :iconwookiestock:wookiestock 9 2 wookiestock:208 by wookiestock wookiestock:208 :iconwookiestock:wookiestock 241 39 Wookiestock: Hold the wall by wookiestock Wookiestock: Hold the wall :iconwookiestock:wookiestock 527 121 wookiestock:250 by wookiestock wookiestock:250 :iconwookiestock:wookiestock 28 17 Advice by a Sketch Mannequin 2 by AnthonyPresley Advice by a Sketch Mannequin 2 :iconanthonypresley:AnthonyPresley 2,257 118 por que? by briannacherrygarcia por que? :iconbriannacherrygarcia:briannacherrygarcia 7,005 996
he gave me glass wings for my thoughts and taught me how to fly through midnight souls. and when the nights were over he poured the salmon pink capsules of starlight in my hands to last me through the day. i was no longer the girl who went to the park on saturday mornings to drown paper airplanes in the pond. i was imprisoned by freedom and i needed the comfort of lies to warm my underskin.
i could live like the dying and so i fell in love with secret-flavored nights and the moon that shone in our eyes and insomnia (do you know angels can't sleep?) and the things that made me whole.
and one time we were soaring and he leaned over and whispered, "i love you", and the syllables were soft and rustled but their core sliced through my veins. i could hear myself cutting the night open with my lies when i said, "i love you too", and the raw blood of stars seeped through and rained on the minds below.
i knew everything then about being lonely in euphoria. i think i fell off the moon and i was
:iconicy-moon-shadow:icy-moon-shadow 4 2
job hunt by ZeroMayhem job hunt :iconzeromayhem:ZeroMayhem 2,652 791
butterfly eyes.
he showed me how to pull the soul out of a butterfly and put it in your eyes so that the short harsh stance of the world will be light and beautiful and lovely. but when i put them over my pupils i saw they were only filmy milky lenses that mask the grit of shadows and when there are no short and choppy sentences there are no long and beautiful phrasings. worlds devoid of consonants lack vowels.
i told him so and he let his finger (his long and beautiful phrasing of a finger) on my lips (short and choppy and chapped with wintergreen dreamings) and said that i am his vowel and we don't need consonants ever. he said i am his a-e-i-o-u-and-sometimes-y and that unfettered by other letters i am perfect.
but in my perfection i could not speak.
:iconicy-moon-shadow:icy-moon-shadow 21 16
ME:Flexibility by DragonoftheDark ME:Flexibility :icondragonofthedark:DragonoftheDark 373 239 ME: Warning: Hallucinations by DragonoftheDark ME: Warning: Hallucinations :icondragonofthedark:DragonoftheDark 371 170 ME2 - Too Easy by yohunny ME2 - Too Easy :iconyohunny:yohunny 1,498 518 Mass Effect: Scale Itch by ghostfire Mass Effect: Scale Itch :iconghostfire:ghostfire 4,877 440 Mass Effect: Tali's Reflection by ghostfire Mass Effect: Tali's Reflection :iconghostfire:ghostfire 6,912 413


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I got tired of sounding way too much like a weeaboo with this ID. Sure, Japan is still cool, but my ID name is not particularly original.

So I give you :iconrenegade-cupcake:

Because hey, everyone needs something new now and then! From now on, I'll be posting my art etc. there. Messages on this account will still be checked, but not as often.


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kurome-tenshi Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
They really are!  I have thought that about a lot of game/anime/movie costumes and then I come up with excuses to not even try doing any of them.  :C  I have no willpower.
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